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Back in the day after graduating from the University of Rochester, I apprenticed in printing crafts and managed a small print shop with a beautiful Heidelberg press; then I worked as a business magazine editor (Rochester Business Magazine) before moving on to jobs in the corporate and non-profit world. 

In full-time assignments, I have driven corporate communications, public relations, and media production at Heidelberg, Nortel Networks, NPES, Orphan Foundation of America, and Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic.  As an independent consultant, I was selected by Xerox as one of 10 Preferred Writing Vendors in North America, and have served smaller clients ranging from a telecom provider (WVT Communications) to school systems, businesses and nonprofits.

My wife and I are adoptive parents to a lovely daughter born in Ethiopia, whose birth parents died from the HIV epidemic.  You can read an account of our daughter's arrival in America HERE.

In spare time, I play on acoustic and electric guitars -- a lifelong love affair. For your enjoyment, here are a few tunes I've recorded at home: 

Di's Bridge           To Rivendell            Hiroshima





























Many of our successes result from collaboration with consummate experts -- who happen to be great fun to work with.

Jan-Paul Kerspe of Cologne, Germany is our ace web designer and consultant across the pond.

POV-Rose Films have been trusted partners on many corporate video projects, including the Micrecycle and Heidelberg pieces shown on this site.

Kelly Letky  of Direct Design has worked her magic on countless corporate and nonprofit print projects.

Kristine Thompson of Storyline Public relations is a media pitching partner and expert PR collaborator.

Andrea Asti provided graphic assistance for this site.

Brian Orner served as a lead writer on the PAETEC annual report. He's a talented and versatile marketing communicator and multimedia craftsman.

Tim Cook of Cook Communications was a fine writing partner and public relations soundboard on our Heidelberg projects over the years.

Katy Kuczek of Aurora Design  worked her magic to create the logo and collateral suite for Micrecycle.

Skooter Capehart of 321 Productions was the great video shooter accompanying DS around the country on our Xerox Voice of the Customer project. He keeps things buoyant on the set.