Welcome to VOCalcomm.net, a personal portfolio site for Doug Sprei, communications consultant, creative director, video producer, editor and copywriter.

While situated in corporate communications roles for 15 years, I started producing Voice of the Customer studies in print and video. I was disenchanted with marketing spin tactics that companies rely on in their PR campaigns. I am convinced that audiences respond most positively when truthful testimonials and customer voices take center stage.

When a name was needed for this practice, VOCal came to mind -- signifying Voice of the Customer-focused communication.  I specialize in capturing real stories in the marketplace, transforming the solid credibility of your clients' feedback into a force to attract new business and enliven your brand.

Since 2009, I've been directing the national public relations and social media program at Learning Ally, an amazing national nonprofit supplying digital educational content to over a quarter million students, veterans, and lifelong learners across the U.S. -- all of whom have some form of print/reading disability related to blindness, dyslexia, learning or physical disabilities.  The PR/comms group I manage integrates with a sophisticated marketing team supporting B2B, B2C, and philanthropy initiatives. All of that keeps me busy to such an extent that I am not currently consulting or taking on independent work -- but I do maintain this online portfolio to showcase past accomplishments.

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  "Nothing convinces prospects of our success more than to hear it from those who are succeeding with our solutions already. I look forward to using more of these types of materials as we continue to penetrate the market."

  -Richard Sand
   Director, Digital Products
   Heidelberg USA
   Atlanta, GA