P r e s e n t a t i o n s

VOCalcomm presentations have been delivered by executives at news conferences, employee town meetings, industry panel discussions, major trade show keynote venues with a teleprompter and multiscreen video in front of 2,000 spectators --- and even webcast around the world. 

My first aim is to develop key messaging and speech points for a presenter.  Then enhancements like  Powerpoint animation and video clips are used to support the message, not overwhelm it. Presentations are live theater. Rhythm and pace, splashes of humor, spaces for improvisation --- all contribute to putting an audience in the palm of your hand. Our process includes prepping executives themselves with a confident theater-coaching approach. 

Presidential Keynote:
XPLOR International
Writing & Powerpoint graphics:  Doug Sprei
Speech written for German CEO with his personal
voicing, cadence, and delivery in mind.



VOCalcomm Presentation
Here is a presentation I deliver to affinity groups and
prospective clients. I don't use
a script, but improvise
on images/speaking points that come up in animated
fashion. This sample is a PDF, so you won't see the
Powerpoint animation sequences, but maybe you'll
get an idea of the theme and content imparted with
a little humor to boot.



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"Our success at Japan Graphic Arts Society is not only the result of our order intake but also the customer event, namely the national assembly featuring the keynote speech made by Mr. Pfizenmaier. I owe a lot to you for that. Please have our deep appreciation to YOU."

  - Kohei Yamamoto
   President, Heidelberg Japan