V i d e o   P r o d u c t i o n

Clients engage me to produce profiles of their customers and constituents. I take an upbeat documentary approach, visiting subjects at their job sites and 'talking shop" to elicit an arsenal of soundbites.  These are woven together via digital editing, complemented by graphics and soundscapes, and shaped into a compelling story for the client.

Your video investment offers long shelf life and bang for your buck --- serving up material for diverse marketing and PR uses. I can help you cascade them out to the world on social networking sites, blogs, YouTube, Vimeo, and countless others. You'll also find that video interview transcripts yield great material and golden quotes for press releases, case studies, sales collateral,  the web and more.


Docucolor iGen3 Customer Testimonals       

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Computer Recycling for Education

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   Heidelberg/NexPress: Digital Print Solutions (excerpts)

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    GET VOCal....

"Thanks for the great job you did. You clearly know our market, and I have no doubt that we'll work together again soon."

   - Larry Vogel
    Xerox Public Relations
    Rochester, NY

 "The video you produced has helped out enormously for several years with our development campaigns and computer donation efforts. It's a huge hit wherever we show it. Thanks so much!"
  -Betsy Brauer
   Co-founder, MICRECYCLE
   Computers for Education


"The Micrecycle video produced by Doug Sprei captures the essence of our program.  I have seen the video over one hundred times and it still brings a tear to my eye.  We use it to train new volunteers, educate prospective donors, and show recipients what we are all about.  In ten minutes the video brings a person from knowing nothing about Micrecycle to having a good working knowledge of how we do it, who our key partners are, and why schools and teachers appreciate the program so much.  It really tells (sells) our story."

  -Tom Lyons
  IT Manager, Nortel Networks
  Co-founder, MICRECYCLE
  Computers for Education