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Here are examples from a series of videos I produced for Orphan Foundation of America, spotlighting the hopes, dreams, and mentality of young people aging out of foster care. These have been embedded in many public webstes, and are featured on OFA's Community Page on YouTube.

Launching Careers: InternAmerica

Orphan Foundation of America: vMentoring

Fostering Dreams





“I met Doug Sprei when he spoke to the Rotary Club about the Orphan Foundation of America. His presentation was so compelling and moving that several of us immediately asked how we could work with the organization. Doug brought a marketing savvy developed in the corporate world to a non-profit organization that has obviously captured his heart.

"The videos he produced of the OFA students are small works of art that did a great job in conveying their story, as well as the story of this wonderful organization. The blog and PR outreach he developed provide a constant source of information about these individual foster children in their journey through college, producing content that is easily syndicated through a variety of social media platforms.

"Doug has years of experience and solid core skills that he continually updates to meet the challenges of marketing in an increasingly online world. It's been a privilege to work with him and I would welcome the opportunity to do so again.”

  - Catherine Read
   Creative Read, Inc.

“Doug is vital to making the public aware of the mission and goals of the Orphan Foundation of America. I appreciate his urgency in raising public awareness of issues affecting youth who are aging from the foster care system and striving to enter college.”

Andre' Cooley
Intern, American Bar Association