W e b   W o r k

I've directed the creation of large and sophisticated company intranets for employee communication, as well as institutional public websites geared toward raising awareness at national and state levels. Following are a few screen captures for your enjoyment.



Employee Intranet Site:  Heidelberg Digital LLC
Writer/Project Director:  Doug Sprei
Webmaster:  Paul Kerspe
Graphic icons and support: Brian Orner


Orphan Foundation of America website
Full redesign and relaunch in 2007; vigorous SEO
measures escalated Google search rankings to page one
for keyword "orphan" -- out of 15 million-plus search results --
without paid search or advertising.
Webmaster: Paul Kerspe


NCReach website
Student scholarship hub, created in partnership with
North Carolina Stated Department of Social Services
Webmaster: Paul Kerspe





    GET VOCal....

“Earlier in the web's history, there was no precedent for utilizing interactive capabilities of the Internet. It took a leap of confidence to see beyond its current usage and develop ability to connect and interact with Nortel's customers. Doug provided that bridge with vision to build on new models, and desire to make a difference in our customers' business. I was continually impressed by Doug's range as a professional communicator. I relied on him to understand the needs of the group and translate them into New Media solutions. He was a great resource as well as a trusted colleague. I think back fondly to those Nortel days and realize our collective success was due to Doug's passion for effective communication and his pioneer spirit; a spirit that is undiminished throughout the years.”

 -Ian Kelly
 Internet Consultant
 Nortel Networks